Consulting agency "VERDYS Health & Beauty Consulting"
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The direction and scope of activities

Health & Beauty Consulting provides a full range of consulting services in health care, pharmaceutical and wellness industry. Also we provide business project development service and practice management service for companies in the mentioned industries.

The company provides a wide range of services:

    business consulting;

    practice management in health care, pharmaceutical and welness industry;

    consultancy services in taxation, financial, organizational and legal issues;

    franchise consulting in health care, pharmaceutical and welness industry;

    the organization of business events and conference service.

Our  specialists have extensive experience in supporting various areas of health care industry not only in consultation but also in the implementation of any business projects in this area. The Agency offers the best solutions for the main tasks of health care business, such as: selection of promising fields in health care industry and optimization of sales of medical services, developing strategies for access to foreign markets, organization of services for patients from abroad, preparation for accreditation and certification of medical facilities, market research, etc.

Start-Up consulting

Our company will help you to articulate your basic vision for the startup (business or facility) plan and continues to assist you throughout the project, from designation to execution to the startup of your new business or facility.

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Anti-crisis consulting

It is an adaptation of the company to the changing business environment - search and inclusion of new features in its arsenal, stabilization of the company's work, analysis and solution of related problems and tasks aimed at improving the overall…

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Reputation management

Developing a long-term strategy of establishing and strengthening the company's image and reputation in the market. Reputation management could reduce time to gain the trust of the customer and saves on advertising and PR-campaigns, as well as stimulates investment attraction.

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Marketing strategies

Creation of an implementation plan and implementation of marketing resources to achieve maximum results in the promotion of goods and services using marketing audit, analysis of the competitive environment, development of a plan of marketing activities.

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Preparation of documents

Proper preparation of the founding documents and the organization of local acts, with all the subtleties and nuances of corporate law, is one of the main conditions of the successful management and protection of business.

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Creation and promotion of brands

The use of modern tools and branding technology helps to develop investment attractiveness. We offer development of corporate and product brands, individual approach in promoting on the market taking into account the ideas and project format.

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Marketing researches and independent polls

Marketing research involves the collection and analysis of data that are required for further marketing activities. Market research and surveys carried out before solving business problems for the successful development of new product or repositioning of existing products and services.

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Expertise of advertising and information materials

Periodic assessment of the effectiveness of promotional tools is an essential part of any marketing activities of any business. In contrast with television advertising or outdoor advertisements, Internet advertising allows to make a reliable estimate of productivity promotional activities and…

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Promotion in social networks

Social Media Marketing is an effective tool for increasing awareness of the product or service and increasing of customer loyalty. The basic rule of the brand's success – to determine the target audience. We help companies to promote their official…

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Management of business projects

We are identifying and achieving clear goals of the project under the conditions of balancing of the volume of work, resources, time, quality and risk. A key factor in the success of project management is a pre-determined plan, minimization of…

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The main advantage of franchising is a well-honed business scheme, which has already proved its viability and profitability. Using this model, the success of the project is guaranteed even for a beginner in the field of business.

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Consulting and training of health professionals for practice abroad

Medical specialists abroad are in demand and highly-paid, but also the requirements for foreign candidates are also high. If you want to work as a doctor abroad, but do not know where to start, we will help you to solve…

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